Astronomy Mount Modifications and Tuning and Astronomy Online Store.
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Here you will find all kinds of modifications available from Artesky for Astronomy Mounts, telescopes and much more!
Skywatcher and Celestron mount tuning and servicing, Rowan belt upgrades.
Extractor kit for Skywatcher bearing removal.


"We made mount upgrade from 2012 started with EQ6 and HEQ5 upgrade and tuning  At the moment we tune all the mounts before selling
to our customers, it is a little tuning but very useful for the first owner and it can increase the precision of the mount

Best regards
Luca Seveso Artesky"


Primarily focused for European based Astronomers ~ the presentation and website is impressive ~ no negative comments have come back through Facebook Astronomy Mounts Group  members.

A wide range of Astronomy Mount upgrades, service and tuning available, and tools for DIY astro mount tasks.