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June 2019 ~ I currently have started to get bullying and threatening messages from David Woods through Facebook...

Pretty much as I expected, 1st wishing me warm regards 2nd next a more sinister tone - 
I'm reminded of my attempt back in January 2018 holding out a Hand of resolution where I said...

"My original dream was to have a brilliantly working Mount through Darkframe Ltd that I could advertise
how good this little company in Hampshire is, advertise to the members and acknowledge through the Facebook groups 
I Admin /created..  

Find it difficult to express how I feel .. if you decide your content with what you've done that's fine ..if you decide that I'm
worth some sort of financial or piece of equipment as conciliatory be appreciated. 

I leave it with you for now.. hopefully, we can restore and build on all this.."

Wed 12 June 2019
Aw, David.

Thanks for the protest website that purports to be a review of mount tuning expertise. I note there no link to our website, which does seem a bit biased. No matter, because I'm sure they come through Google anyway.

Pithy little comment like "including correcting dubious workmanship carried out by another self professed expert." are quite funny, since since you wrote that we've been running over 4 year now, with over 700 mounts in 40 countries.

It's a pity you didn't explain that the Star Adventurer did work, just not with your payload, as did the SmartEQ. No matter, just thought I'd drop you a line, to say thanks for advertising our services, and highlighting the effort we put in.

Warm Regards,

Dave Woods
DarkFrame Ltd

Mon. 17th June 2019
Hi again David, The StellarDrive 5 we do has lots independent customer reviews, and data. We make no claims that the value of the mounts are enhanced, but there is customer proof (because they test them, unlike yourself) that they do indeed track up to 10 mins unguided with an 80mm telescope. It is one of our most popular models. Same with the Star Adventurer, 5-6min with a 270mm lens or 70mm scope. It's published, verifiable and independent customer results. They paid to find out.

That said, we do get this with used HEQ5's so it proved to be more cost effective than getting a new bigger mount.

Trying to smear my name and products isn't helping you.

While appreciate you're unhappy, your opinion is deliberately misleading.

I already have proof that you have intercepted potential customers of mine, with a view to persuading them not to do business with me. You did it on Facebook!

Any further reports of this and I will take any and all legal action put a stop to this outrageous nonsense.

This is Harassment.

David Woods
DarkFrame Ltd

latest November 2020  

"The statements made constitute my opinion and accurate train of events is not set out to be vindictive or defamatory, it is presented as it occured and are the facts as happened. and form part of my right to free speech and opinion.. " I'll let you make your own decisions but repeat "caveat emptor" beware.